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About Us

St. Jude Pharma Pvt. Ltd is an Indian associate of Saint Jude Pharma LLC, a leading American pharmaceutical company based in Orlando, Florida. We have been serving clientele globally with a strong  distribution and export mechanism spanning Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America.

We are committed towards improving health care outcomes and adding value for all our stakeholders including patients, doctors, regulators, employees and business partners.

We are into the third-party manufacturing and distribution of high quality pharmaceutical products under an array of categories, including antibacterial fluoroquinolones, antibacterial, antidiabetic, anthelmintic drugs, anti malarials, antidepressant, cardiovascular and much more.

We take pride in having the fastest and safest global delivery system that makes us reach metropolis as well as small cities anywhere on the planet

Pharmaceuticals And Prescription Medications

Franchisee Distributor in India

Our People

We attribute our growth and success to our Global Partners that holds the expertise and experience in identifying and fulfilling the needs of the healthcare professionals and their patients. 

We keep our team apprised of the modern pharmaceutical analysis and research outcomes, which sharpens their intelligence, thereby enabling them to serve clients better.  

Our people have taken St. Jude Pharma Pvt. Ltd. to the heights that it has scaled and are striving to take it further up on its high growth trajectory.



Our Partners

All of our pharmaceutical products are sourced from the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers who implement the best-in-class technology and processes, abiding the norms of US FDA, EMA, HC, WHO and GMP , among other regulatory bodies. Our unwavering commitment to quality makes us retain our clients in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. 

Our passion for quality transcends the business and statutory requirements. We endeavour to drive and sustain a culture of operational excellence, meeting and exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders, including patients, customers and regulators. 

Our Clients

Our clients represent different healthcare segments that contribute towards improving the quality of health services, the health of people, and their life expectancy. We serve a wide range of healthcare stakeholders as follows.

  •   Healthcare professionals
  •   Pharmacies
  •   Veterinary clinics
  • Correctional institutions
  • Hospital pharmacies
  • Pain management clinics
  •   Family doctors’ office
  •   Pharmacy buying groups
  •   Medical practices and  facilities
  • Dental clinics
  • Sports medicine clinics
  • Health care organisations